Eritrea Generals Arrested, Negotiation with Ethiopia Started, Opposition sequestrated

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                                               Revolution Continue in Asmara

 New Supra committee of 5 named   4 Major General  4 Arrested 4  assigned to House Arrest!!!

Our sources form Asmara

Following the 21 January, 2013 army mutinies that occupied   Ministry of Information, on the 28th February, 2013 the Eritrean regime named a new Supra Body   composed of 5 Brigadier Generals with full  & unlimited power.  The New body   is running the country right now and putting people in prison in mass those  suspect of supporting the mutineers. The only person above the new Supra Committee is the figure head Isasias Afwerki.  Hundreds of Colonels are arrested others are under house arrest the rest are fleeing the country.  The mountaineers are  said to be barricaded in Adi Keyih  stronghold in central plateau led by Col. Osman Salah.

Previously Eritrea was run de facto by 5 Operation areas as we have mentioned in our previous information, but today since most of the 1st and the 5th operation area’s soldiers run away to Sudan and Ethiopia due to shortage food, prolonged services and luck of  freedom  only three are left . These three with a new labeling called EZ or Command are running the  country from  the west, south and East regions of Eritrea. The country is still without a state apparatus and everything is run as it was in 1991 when EPLF’ liberated Eritrea.

Due to the fear of muteness joining Ethiopian camp Eritrean government is forced to start Peace Negotiation with Ethiopia recently. Moreover, all opposition Ethiopian Armed group has been removed from border areas and taken to Alphabet camps and arrested as a precondition to negotiation with Ethiopia.

The New Supra Governing Committee chaired by BG Simon Gebre Denge   are

  • 1.      AreBG Simon Gebre Dengel,  ሲሚን ገበረ ድንግል Security internal  He was wounded in 2007 7 solder
  • 2.        Bg Tekel Kefalay  ተከለ ከፍፈላይ
  • 3.      BG Dr,  Haile Mehetusne (Dr, ሃይሌ መሕጹን
  • 4.      Brg Fesum Gebre Hiwet ( Wede Membhere ፍጽም ገበረ ህይወት)
  • 5.      BG Hadish Efrem  ሃዲሽ ኤፈሬም


These are the 3 Major Generals Arrested  at


4/3/2013    7:Eritrean Geneal 30 AM by the New Supreme Council

They were in the house arrest since the Occupation of Ministry of  Information on January 21,2013

  1.   Major General Umer Tewuil  ሜጀ ዑመር ጠዊል
  2.  Major General ሜጀ ሃይሌ ስሙኤል
  3.  Major General Tekelay Haile Selasse (Air Force) ሜጀ ተከላይ ሃ/ስላሴ

Under House Arrest are

  1.  Major General  Gerezgherሜጄ ገበረእዝጌር አንድ ማርያም- ዉጩ

General Sbehat Efrem ጄ/ ስበሃት ኤፈኤም

  1.  Major General  Umer Kaky ሜጄ/ ዑመር ካካይ
  2. ብጀ /አበረሃ ካሳ



On the 21st of   February the following officials were arrested.


  1. Abdella Jaber the Director of Organizational Affairs for the ruling party, the PFDJ and member of CC.
  2. Amanuel “Hanjema” Haile the political commissar Division 96 in the Southern Red Sea.
  3.  Mustafa Nurhussein the regional administrator (governor) of the South Zone (Akeleguzay and Seraye)
  4. Osman Jem’ee Idris , Eritrea’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.

The revolution continue in Eritrea we hopping after all these changes some kind of positive democratic forms will take place


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Adwa 117 Years since March 1, 1896 a day Africa was victorious against the European Colonialists


The battle of Adwa of March first of March, 1896 a great victory and pride for Africans at home and Diaspora. The victory assured that Ethiopia successfully resists European colonization.

Italy the late comer to the scramble for Africa in the late 19th century   was allocated to Ethiopia but just needed to take control. The Italians and the rest of the European powers present at the Berlin Conference 1880’s wrongly assumed that Ethiopia was made up of rival tribes fighting one another and thought it would be a quick promenade for their 20,000 strong highly trained invasion forces. They never thought  what they call “tribal back word savages” could be united raising a much larger patriotic people’s army to defend their country and even to win an all out war.

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Adwa 117

Map of the Battle of Adowa, between the forces of General Oreste Baratieri, Italian governor of Eritrea and Menelik II, Emperor of Ethiopia.


















The main cause of the Battle being the European colonial ambition it manifested through the deferent treaty the colonial powers used to cheat the Africans. This was highly manifested by Italo Ethiopian Treaty known as the Wechale Treaty.   The colonial manipulation started when Menelik II came to the throne in 1889 the Italians thought that he would surrender sovereignty to them since they had been supplying him with ammunitions. They succeeded to manipulate the king on  May 2, 1889, to make him  sign  the Treaty  of Uccialli in the province of Wello, with which Menelik accorded for the  Italians some land in Tigre to the already concession he has made by letting them to take Eritrea. In this famous once sided treaty, they   tricked Menelik by having two different versions- one in Italian and other in Amharic. The secret of the Italian plan was manifested on   article 17 which read in one in Amharic and other in Italian.   Thus the Italian version read: –

The Emperor consents to use the Italian government for all the business he does with all the other Powers or Governments“.
The Amharic version reads:-
The Emperor has the option to communicate with the help of the Italian government for all matters that he wants with the kings of Europe.”


When Menelik realized that he had been cheated he immediately rejected the treaty and refused all further offers of gifts from the Italians. Turkey, Russia and France stood to the Ethiopian version of the story.  Finally Menelik decided to confront the advancing Italian Army which has already occupied Tigre Provence without his contentment.

As a result in September of 1895, Menelik, King of Kings of Ethiopia mobilized the population of Ethiopia to arms. Over 100,000 Ethiopians gathered under his rank to liberate his occupy province by the Italian forces.



“God, in his bounty, has struck down my enemies and enlarged my empire and preserved me to this day. I have reigned by the grace of God….Enemies have come who would ruin our country and change our religion. They have passed beyond the sea which God gave us as our frontier….These enemies have advanced, burrowing into the country like moles. With God’s help I will get rid of them.”

Menelik divided his Army under three leaders:-

  1. Emperor Menelik II, The King of Kings of Ethiopia
  2. Empress Taytu Betul, The Wife of Menlik II
  3. Negus Tekle Haymanot Tessemma ,
  4. Ras Welle Betul ;
  5. RasMengesha Atikem ;
  6. Ras Mengesha Yohannes ;
  7. Ras Alula Engida ;
  8. Ras Mikael of Wollo;
  9. Ras Makonnen Wolde Mikael;
  10. FitawrariGebeyyehu,

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=340 height=260 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]


On the night of 29 February and the early morning of 1 March three Italian brigades advanced separately towards Adwa over narrow mountain tracks, while a fourth remained camped.  The Italiano Forces were led by:-

  1. General Oreste Baratieri ;
  2. Brgdaire Matteo Albertone,
  3. Giuseppe Arimondi,
  4. Giuseppe Ellena  and
  5. Vittorio Dabormida.
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These invading Italian forces were made up of 18,000 infantry and 56 artillery guns, and with many thousands of   Eritrean militias were prepared to fight against Menelik II on the battle field.

At 6:00 on the 1st of March 1896 the Italian Gen.  Albertone used the Eritrean askari peasant fighters to face their brother Ethiopian as is always the game to make the enemy to kill one another at a place called Kidane Meret. This was the hill where the Ethiopians had managed to set up their mountain out front.  On the hill side though outnumbered by the Eritrean askaris, the Ethiopian fighters were able to hold their position for two hours which they broke the rank of the Italians and able to capture General Albertone’s.  At such heroic fight the Italian and their remaining askaris dispersed leaving the wounded and the dead.  Seeing the capture of the Albertone Gen  Arimondi’s brigade joined the fight at the last minute and start punching the Ethiopians to liberate the captured Italians. The Ethiopians fought courageously  and battled the colonizers three  hours while Menelik himself joined the combat with his  25,000 strong  Shewans people’s army and  broke their back bones once for good. Brigadier Dabormida now made a fatal error as he retreated from Menelik’s push, he was cornered  into a narrow hill where he  was ransacked  by Ras Mikael ‘s Oromo Army . They wiped him  out, his body was never recovered. The last blow came at noon the next day   when Negus Tekle Haymonot led his  Gojjam forces  break the back bone of  the remaining  Italian brigade.  This happened when Negus  was attacked by the last of the invading army which he  destroyed and by one o’clock the battle was finished with victory to the African Army.

The battle was bloody over 8,000 Italians died and 1500 wounded many captured fighting hard to save the pride of European colonizers, but  with no avail. Almost the same amount of Ethiopians perished in this decisive war of history in the African heartland after the war of the Zulu in South Africa  and Mhadist victory against the Britons in Khartoum led by Mahadi.

“In Ethiopia, the military genius of Menelik II was in the best tradition of Piankhi, the great ruler of ancient Egypt and Nubia or ancient Ethiopia, who drove out the Italians in 1896 and maintained the liberties of that ancient free empire of Black men.” Huggins and Jackson analyzed the victory not only in terms of its significance to the postcolonial African world, but also in terms of its linkage to the tradition of ancient African glories and victories.  An Introduction to African Civilizations, Huggins and Jackson write


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